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Gettin It Right!

"If you start your buttons from the wrong hole, you won't have a hole for the last button." Where you begin your Celebrate Recovery Inside ministry is vital!  Celebrate Recovery Inside One Day Seminars are important to the growth of your ministry.  Start by attending the 7 Keys & then grow your ministry through the Advanced Leadership Training workshops. CR Inside (jail/prison) luncheons are included in all One Day Seminars.  In doing this you will establish a good, solid foundation. You will have a stronger Celebrate Recovery Inside for investing the time in a One Day.

Hope to see you at one of our seminar locations!

Upcoming Conferences

  • 11/16/2013Lutherville, MD: Celebrate Recovery Inside (jail/prison) one day seminar
    Hear from Hector Lozano, National Director CR Inside, State Reps, graduates, prison/jail officials, volunteers and expect some great worship. If your team is up and running, or being nudged to go in that direction, this is a chance to learn all you can and have a chance to share how God is using you. Expect to have a great time.

    Get all the details about CR in jails & prisons. Find out how God is utilizing both volunteers and the incarcerated to reach “the least of these”.

    COST:    $45.00
     Celebrate Recovery Inside One Day Seminar

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