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“What a wonderful graduation at Eddie Warrior Correctional Center in Taft, OK. We graduated 32 ladies, with close to 140 in attendance from the yard. Great testimonies and the most spiritual praise and worship music from Blue Chip Friday Band from SHBC CR. Thanks to all who came and thanks to God for His Grace!!!”  That’s what Cyndi Clark, CRI State Rep, OK, and EWCC Program Leader had to say about the graduation on June 3, 2012.

Over 20 volunteers, ministry leaders, pastors and band members assembled to pay tribute to the 32 women who had demonstrated diligence and commitment to complete a step study within the walls. The air was electric and the Spirit of the Lord was evident as the relatively new chapel (1 yr) filled with energetic God-loving women, who cheered their sisters’ graduation, listened intently to the testimonies, and participated with excitement with the music and the message.

The successful event was really a physical manifestation and testament to a program that recently had struggled, but through commitment, consistency, and above all, prayer; CR Inside at EWCC has become a thriving and leadership-infused ministry. My prayer is that those who read this, and whose programs are struggling or challenged, will take great comfort and encouragement that God can and will provide, according to His will and His great plan.



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